Pre-Order ‘OUROBOROS’ on Bandcamp

‘OUROBOROS’Our debut E.P. is now available to pre-order on Bandcamp!

Now, before you ask yourself ‘why would I pre-order an E.P. by a band I’ve never heard?’, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you would do such a thing:


You can’t help but love our oddly-arranged facial features and quirky personality traits.


You have judged that based on our previous output, this one will be right up your alley, and of sufficient quality to warrant owning for yourself.


You feel you owe one or both of us something (you don’t, but go with it if you feel that buying yourself something will lighten your burden).


You’re worried no one else will buy it and you’re such a sweetheart that you don’t want us to feel bad after all we’ve been through to get to this point…


Your name is Rich.

If you’re more committed to the iTunes or Amazon shopping systems, hold tight! We’ll have pre-order links for them in the next week or so.

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