‘Superego’ Single Release Day

I guess it’s kinda funny, really. In a way…

We had pressed pause on our band with the first lockdown, back in ‘20. We had recently grown into a 4 piece and were pretty much ready for live shows.

I was being super cautious of the plague, as Crohn’s Disease had been a fecker to me for so long and no-one knew how C19 would affect that.

So, the band were understanding and kept things on the back burner. (Still proud of our lockdown Tool cover). Matt the drums moved away, so then we were 3.

But it’s been a long coupla years, so we decided, hey, let’s get things going again. Let’s relaunch ourselves by releasing a single! 

So we got it all arranged; paid for and booked in. ‘What about Friday 13th?’ I said. ‘Wouldn’t that be funny’…

And then, last week, I got COVID for the first time. 🤦‍♂️ 9+ days today and still going strong… hahaha…

All of which is to say, today we relaunch The Beginning and the End with a single we should’ve released 2 and a half years ago!

If you wanna help us out, please add this song to a playlist on your streaming service, share it around, play it loud in your car on your way home from work, etc.

We made a handy page with all the links you might need to find it for streaming, right now: thebeginningandtheend.co/superego/

Thank you! Love from

Jamie (and Matt and Andy)